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On silver wings

On Silver Wings

The thunder rolls
The lightning strikes
As I make my way
Through the night

A velvety sky
Carresses me
As I fly along
On silver wings

I Call the rain
I Call the hail
It comes pouring down
Without fail

The massive clouds 
Form creatures and beings
As I fly along 
On silver wings

Electric light
Like St. Elmo’s Fire
Strikes around me
In a thunderous choir

The roiling winds,
Chaos they bring
As I fly along
On silver wings

The sleeting rain
Pounds on my back
It floods the land
In a watery attack

Only in a dream
Did I see these things
As I flew along
On silver wings

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Dragon night


Clear starry skies under cool moon light,
hot breathed beasts on leathern wings take flight.
Serpentine angels soar across the land,
scaled backs glistening, great wings soaring.
Band after band they flock to ocean shore,
to drink and sup and dance and sing.
As ocean waves crash upon their claws,
they dance and play upon the midnight shore.
Merrily they frolic from wave to wave,
tail in tail they went, into the sea.
And so I followed with human toes,
into the sea I strode, and soon on dragonback I rode.
We flowed into the sea on that starlit night,
when soon there came the morning light.
I awoke to gaze upon my window,
and remember my dragonnight.

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First day of spring

First Day of Spring

On the First Day of Spring
As the Morning Glory blooms
And the Shadow of the Dragon 
Dances down the temple steps
He emerged from the budding oak
and stemming honeysuckle.
His movements were fluid,
His eyes were gentle,
His scales a liquid black,
His horns and claws a soft silver.

Slowly, He approached me
Sensing my fear and curiosity.
He explained He had chosen me
for his human counterpart.
From that moment on
His Heart and mine were one.
Through the seasons and time,
I learned His ways as He learned mine.
Always together, if not in body
by Mind, Heart and Spirit.

The last time I saw Him was
the day before the First Day of Spring.
He said our time together was done.
It was time for Him to go.
On the First Day of Spring,
As the Morning Glory recesses
And the Shadow of the Dragon
Is fading from the temple steps,
He had departed ’neath the budding oak
and stemming honeysuckle.

I know He has gone
Where I cannot follow.
But His Heart and Mind
Are still vivid within me.
And on the First Day of Spring,
When the Morning Glory smiles at the sun
And the Shadow of the Dragon
Prances about the temple steps,
I can still feel his soft scales
And hear his wise voice.

And I realize no matter where He is,
He is always right beside me.

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Dragons do not die. They sleep
And watch, and dream of the world they left behind.
Not the magic sword, the jewel and the skimpy maiden
But the naked figure with the power of the mind
As their only weapon, and the upraised hand
And the maiden choosing a wiser way than marriage
When there is knowledge to be won.

Dragons need no gold. They hoard words.
Sentences and clauses are kept tight in their teeth.
For they duel not with foolish steel, but with Words
The ones that shaped the molten world, and make
Swords softer than clay with one taunt.
Their riddles tie men’s bones in knots
Leaving them helpless under quivering curses.

Dragons use no wings. They fly
On the winds they call for themselves, and the imagination
Of the ones who speak them forth, seeking runes
Long forgotten, but strumming with their mouldering power.
They soar beyond worlds, through time, outside of space
Where mockery cannot touch and there is only the taste
Of stars like candles waiting to be blown out. 

Dragons fear no man. The knights
They have seen have only faith in the weapons given
By well meaning wizards, who do not know the ancient Law
That Love and Honour are the only armour for a hero
And that Ignorance and Fear are his only foes.
They only see the swirling magic light, the orb, the stone
And do not reach beyond for their Power.

Dragons breathe no fire. Theirs is the flame
That kindles in the heart and inspires the hand to create
Or the mind to wonder, or the eyes to roam beyond
And see the colours in the dark, or the song in the air.
Theirs is the burning light that guides the seeker
and brings the Shadow to be faced
That all who seek may be made whole.

© Joanna Berry 2000

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Spiral’s Breach

Dark shades fall nearing dusk
Waters still with autumn’s musk.
Alone, lost, of place and time
True form tossed with force malign.

Now borne fool, bent and weak
Wanders fore for lands to seek.
Souls wed of World’s beast
Bones ground with leaven yeast.

Searching guides in false lands
The fool’s quest, with wrinkled hands.
Knowing only what cannot be
Empty sockets, with eyes that see.

Ending hope with passing day
The trackless night lights the way.
Tears of knowing should there be
Emerald Lady hear this plea.

Flowered serpent on dry land
Water’s mountain past the sand.
Let plumed pinions rise once more
Coiled serpent fly storm’s shore.

Oh Great Mother of gods slain
Of cruel sons with swords of pain.
Please Wise Lady let fly free
Mortal’s chains of hanging tree.

A broken dragon seeks once more
Past lives stolen, through fate, restore.
A desperate child cries a plea
Oh Bright Lady, can it be?

Alone and hurt, could hope yield,
The spiral’s breach, for lives revealed?
Of scales bright and wings strong
For playful flight and joyful song.

Kestrel (c) 2000

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Dragon prayer

Dragon Prayer

Great Sairys, Ruler in the East
Of dragons soaring in the dawn
The golden light of faith and hope
That cheers us that the night is gone
Please see me from your gardens fair
And lend the wondrous power of Air

Great Fafnir, Ruler in the South
Of dragons of the warmth of life
The ruddy cheerful glow of strength
That bears us up in worldly strife
For Good to which I dare aspire
Please breathe on me your cleansing Fire

Great Naelyan, Ruler in the West
Of dragons of the restless sea
The blue light of the world of dreams
Of visions of the world to be
Please let the power of Water flow
To feed a blessing, make it grow

Great Grael, Ruler in the North
Of dragons of the solid earth
The white light come to shine on me
And purify my little worth
The strength of Earth beneath my feet
Please send to make the four complete

Earth and Fire, Water, Air,
Stone and light and sea and sky
I call on you to ward my friends
Because they need you more than I
But if there still is something left
When you have done these other things
Come dwell, so welcome, in my home
And shelter me beneath your wings.

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Goodbye my friend

„Goodbye my friend“

Magnificent dragon flying high, 
Tell me! Why is it that you cry? 
For your covered in rubies, diamonds and gold, 
You are the reason magical tales are told. 

Graceful and dazzling you glide through the sky, 
Strong and cunning you’ll never die. 
So tell me now, please don’t lie, 
Just let me know, why do you cry? 

For why I cry is not to hear, 
It tells of a story not for young ears. 
But there comes a time when we all must die, 
That is the reason for which I cry. 

I may be covered in rubies, diamonds and gold, 
But like everyone I grow old. 
So you see I’m neither graceful, dazzling nor strong, 
I’m simply the same as everyone. 

Leave me alone up on this rock, staring out to sea, 
Up in the clouds, way up high, he’s calling me. 
For my time on this Earth has come to an end, 
I’ll think of you always, goodbye my friend. 

(c) By Claire Dixon, England.

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Moving back and forth, the moon throws shadows
Across the noisy room. People scream as glasses clink.
Inky blackness sweeps over the crowd, and as 
Their mouths keep moving, the noise stops. Their features
Are twisted; their gaping mouths and eyes gnarled
Figures in my mind. Suddenly I realize it is not them who
Have changed, it’s me. Looking in the mirror there is not
The person I have come to know as myself. Someone 
Better? The image of a young girl stretched over a 
Hideously ugly, ominous creature. As soon as the 
Thoughts have escaped my mind, the flesh on the mirrored
Image melts away, revealing a terrible creature with
Blackened skin and red bulging eyes. I realize with horror
That this is me, and as I try to scream nothing escapes
My mouth but a venemous rasp full of hate and anguish.
Those in the room I had seen as distorted now look at me –
I am the monster. I try to stop them, but as I do flames 
Shoot out my mouth, scorching those who are brave enough
To get close to try and help me. But how can they if I can’t
Change myself from this monster?

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You hear the distant roar
so you prepare for the attack
as the roaring grows louder
the sky is getting darker
then you see the dragon
breathing out his flame
it lights the city up
those who stayed out
may just get it
the blue ice dragon roars
shaking all the windows
the dragon he breaths
and freezes everything
will this dragon ever leave?
you think as you wait and wait
the dragon sneezes
and it falls to the ground
(this dragon has allergies
which is why he sneezes a lot)
finally the dragon moves on
and you dress warmly
and go outside
you have to shovel the walk
the dragon left a foot of it
you survey the damage
you work on the damages
then you hear a roar
and wonder, is he coming again?

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Dragon’s Call

"Dragons Call"

We sleep with the dragons,
in the hidden lair.
We sing their call,
in our every prayer.

Threw our eyes,
their world is clear.
Their forgotten song,
our heart can hear.

They guide our way,
threw the darkest night.
We use their wisdom,
to give us sight.

Threw our voice,
you hear their cries.
Their fire can be seen,
deep in our eyes.

They are alive,
deep in our minds.
In us the dragon,
you can find.

Copyright Heather O’Connell (8/16/98), All rights reserved

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I am he who shall watch over you,
your destiny, shall I hold.
Near you I will always be,
my wings protect you from hurting.
In our minds will always be,
thoughts of us together.
As you grow, year by year,
I remain, ever watching.
If you need, I will come,
promises are mine to keep.
As years pass day by day,
the vigil I will never cease.
I will go wherever you travel,
life’s ancient mysteries to unravel.
As you sail across open ocean,
I calm the waves with soothing motion.
When you toil through dusty desert sands,
I pour down sweet rain from foreign lands.
And your soul through life continues on,
forever I remain your guardian.

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Moon dragon

Moon Dragon

Seen not by our eyes but they are true,
they watch over us whatever we do.

Coming from times of anchent lore,
and then even long, long before.

We see threw the dragons eyes,
telling between truth and lies.

We listen when our mind is clear,
a dragons call we can hear.

They are guardians of the moon and night,
they protect us when we perform our rights.

We use their power with great care,
we have found the dragons lair.

Copyright Heather O’Connell (10/05/97), All rights reserved

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The deal

The Deal

Here me my friend don’t be afraid,
on the ground my claws are laid.
All I ask is that you’ll be my friend,
and if you do some of my power I’ll lend.
Locked away in this mystic ring I am,
hear my deal for it’s no sham.
Freedom from my prison is what I crave,
set me free and I’ll be your slave.
But not through my veins can the blood of life run,
for with a body of life must I become one.
If only again my senses can experience the wonder of life,
my power shall you have to crush all worry and strife.
A mighty dragon will you become,
as your human weakness will be undone.
Into the clouds up high you will fly,
as you spread your wings and soar into the sky.
All these things for you I can provide,
all that you have to do is let me inside.
For your body is all I need,
to become one with and finally be freed.

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A dragon’s day

"A Dragon’s Day"

Through the valley dark and cold,
over forests and castles bold,
on to mountains where dark things sleep,
to dine on a heard or flock of sheep,
then away to distant ocean shore,
past villages towns pastures and more,
to wade in crystal water of pristine ocean,
to ponder some lofty thought or peaceful notion,
and as the sun grows heavy in western sky,
a quick drink and away from the shore I fly,
away to my lair I soar through velvet skies,
as my mountain lair comes into sight,
I beat softly my wings slowing my flight,
to land gracefully on the ledge outside of my cave,
and lumber toward my hoard of which legends rave,
to sleep on a bed of jewels and riches untold,
while the light outside dies and the rock grows cold,
I lie inside on a bed of gold.

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across the starry sky we ride
on griffin’s backs we glide
to slay the blood red dragon
four great heroes and I

in to the wrym’s lair we skulk
and while gaping at his treasure’s bulk
the monster slayed our gallant knight
three great heroes and I

in to the woods we ran 
I taunted him, „catch us if you can!“
then I found our elven archer gone
two great heroes and I

for a good nights rest our bodies yearned
so I left in search of food, and when I returned
I found both friends scorched by the dragon’s flame
no great heroes and I

I unraveled the world and searched all the land
when I found the dragon I challenged him with sword in hand
we battled ‚till, from countless wounds, we both began to fall

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My dream

„My Dream“

i had a dream last night
i dream of a dragon
a dragon red like fire
a dragon pure and tender
in the dream the dragon flew
it’s tail whipping in the wind
it’s scales shimmering like the moon off the water
her beauty beyond compare
i had a dream where good existed
and the dragon was it’s keeper
she fought for passion with a vengence like fire

i had a dream last night
i dream of glory
the glory for one dragon
the only dragon left in existence
but not the only born form hope
in the dream the dragon flew
she caste happiness and purity
and cried for hatred and death
and she sang for innocence and love
i had a dream where beauty flourished
and man and beast could co-exist
where my happiness was for this dragon
and her beauty was cast on me

Copyright Kim Ward (11-15-98), All rights reserved

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The dragon

The Dragon

There are many descriptions of the winged reptile,
But most confirm that they were extremely hostle,
There are tales of princesses carried far away,
And of a brave brave knight who leaves to slay,
There are stories of them flying free,
And others of a place called Hanalee,
With breath of fire and skin like a snake,
Death and poverty they would make,
But then in china it is a bit more up beat,
In this land the lizards were kind and sweet,
The gods of weather and the newest year,
Of them there was no need to fear,
The stories range from high and low,
In the beaches of Bermuda to Antarctic snow,
These beast’s stories cover the world around,
A place without them can’t be found,
But farther east just fiction fails,
The creatures are real with horrid tales,
Of killing people, the deaths not too slow,
The name of this species, the Komodo,
But these moniter lizards lack two things
, The firey breath and great big wings,
The actual specimen, truth be told,
Were giant bruts who slept on gold,
Though most see them huge and mean,
With skin of either red or green,
I see them nice, even tail waggin‘
Yet still magestic, the noble dragon.

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Dragon sight

„Dragon Sight“

I run through the night with dragon sight, 
The darkness is as clear as light,
With the dragon I am safe from all
Things that could see me in the light.
I am running with the cloak of night.
With my dragon sight, I run through 
The fields as if I had dragon flight.
The night is leaving my time is over, 
The dragons must go home forever.
This is the sad time when we must part,
Because day things don’t like the dark.

© Dan Settelen

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His free

„His free“

i see its fierey eyes, burning into me
they tell me „i want to die“ will you do the deed?
he knows that he is the last,and does not want to be
in one sharp pain his eyes go blank,and he starts to bleed

the pain, the fear, the lonelyness of life
his every thought ,his every fear all flowed into me
he wanted to die ,his heart now held the knife
but the pain was inside of me

i did it, it was me
i slain the last
i let him go free
i freed him from his past

by Samantha Stewart of Tasmania, (c) All Right reserved

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The night is a dragoness

The night is a dragoness

Six point eight light years away
Everyone fled
Eight hundred ninety one years past

But not alone.
The clock speaks of midnight
The computer grows silent
And she comes, only safe when the light dies.

The night is a dragoness
Ten billion metres long
Age-softened black scales
Her wings glow with the warmth of unseen stars
And she lifts me from the squalor of the lair

I look around with weary eyes
Around rest billions of dragons
My brothers, her children.
And she speaks to them and I
Telling of the billions of years previous
Warning of the fights with oppresor Morning
Singing lullabies as to my fathers and theirs
She loves our kind; she needs us
And I have grown to think we need her

She has told me of her role
As the egg is formed
And a new heart flows black
She implants the thirst in us
In the core of our essences
We need the calm she feeds on
Our hearts beat as one
An entire race unified in rest

Flame-eyes open at half past dawn
She is gone
And the discomfort, heat, and irritation returns
Dangling like spread wings from the rising sun.

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