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Dragons in the mist

Dragons in the Mist

In the hot and misty jungles,
live the mysterious golden verungles.
They wander jungle ruins of ancient lore,
only to venture out on misty forest floor.
Though rarely seen they flourish in legend and myth,
confirmed to exist only by pigmies whom so often they are seen with.
Often found basking in the mid-day sun,
these golden frilled giants praise it’s warmth as the only one.
A feast of fruits for themselves they make,
as roasted meals with their fiery breath they bake.
Over many a cloud covered canopy they fly,
and many a blustery wind blows as they soar by.
And those lucky enough to hear their song would think themselves kissed,
by the mysterious dragons in the mist.

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His free

„His free“

i see its fierey eyes, burning into me
they tell me „i want to die“ will you do the deed?
he knows that he is the last,and does not want to be
in one sharp pain his eyes go blank,and he starts to bleed

the pain, the fear, the lonelyness of life
his every thought ,his every fear all flowed into me
he wanted to die ,his heart now held the knife
but the pain was inside of me

i did it, it was me
i slain the last
i let him go free
i freed him from his past

by Samantha Stewart of Tasmania, (c) All Right reserved

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Red Beauty

Red Beauty

Under the moons
Glistening with light
Lies a beauty
Ready to fight.

The foe first a shadow
Then it comes near,
Ready to strike,
At the dragonlings perched with fear.

The red spreads her wings
Pumps her wings once,then twice,
In the words of a gambler,
She’s rolling the dice.

Then the foe leaps
Right at her breast
Now the red strikes
To prove she’s the best.

The thing lie there
Silent and cold.
It must have been hungry,
Or just very bold.

Randall „raven“ Havens

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Dragon night


Clear starry skies under cool moon light,
hot breathed beasts on leathern wings take flight.
Serpentine angels soar across the land,
scaled backs glistening, great wings soaring.
Band after band they flock to ocean shore,
to drink and sup and dance and sing.
As ocean waves crash upon their claws,
they dance and play upon the midnight shore.
Merrily they frolic from wave to wave,
tail in tail they went, into the sea.
And so I followed with human toes,
into the sea I strode, and soon on dragonback I rode.
We flowed into the sea on that starlit night,
when soon there came the morning light.
I awoke to gaze upon my window,
and remember my dragonnight.

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Of dragons and humankind

Of Dragons and Humankind

Dragons they seek yet they know not their name,
they search for these creatures dwelling in fire and flame.
Oh if only the dragon’s true nature they know,
rather than the seeds of myth they sow.
The legends that they search for in truth do not exist,
for the dragons of their made-up stores are but shadows in the mist.
But the truth can they never realize,
unless they in their dreams look into dragon eyes.
Many have come before and more will surely come after,
yet they shall never learn how the dragon they may master.
The dragon’s true nature it elludes them,
for it is something they can never comprehend.
They cannot know the dragon for they fear what they do not understand,
and in this truth lies their tragedy and the curse of man.
Yet there are thoes cherrished few whose mind’s and heart’s are clear,
and it is to them that in dreams the dragon shall appear.
For the dragons will know them when they see them,
among the rocks of humanity they are a clear unclouded gem.
And to them the dragons shall tell their secrets,
and they shall be enlightened above their earthly kin.
For they unlike their fellow seekers who seek power and to command,
shall one day with dragon eyes look and understand.

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On silver wings

On Silver Wings

The thunder rolls
The lightning strikes
As I make my way
Through the night

A velvety sky
Carresses me
As I fly along
On silver wings

I Call the rain
I Call the hail
It comes pouring down
Without fail

The massive clouds 
Form creatures and beings
As I fly along 
On silver wings

Electric light
Like St. Elmo’s Fire
Strikes around me
In a thunderous choir

The roiling winds,
Chaos they bring
As I fly along
On silver wings

The sleeting rain
Pounds on my back
It floods the land
In a watery attack

Only in a dream
Did I see these things
As I flew along
On silver wings

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Dragon prayer

Dragon Prayer

Great Sairys, Ruler in the East
Of dragons soaring in the dawn
The golden light of faith and hope
That cheers us that the night is gone
Please see me from your gardens fair
And lend the wondrous power of Air

Great Fafnir, Ruler in the South
Of dragons of the warmth of life
The ruddy cheerful glow of strength
That bears us up in worldly strife
For Good to which I dare aspire
Please breathe on me your cleansing Fire

Great Naelyan, Ruler in the West
Of dragons of the restless sea
The blue light of the world of dreams
Of visions of the world to be
Please let the power of Water flow
To feed a blessing, make it grow

Great Grael, Ruler in the North
Of dragons of the solid earth
The white light come to shine on me
And purify my little worth
The strength of Earth beneath my feet
Please send to make the four complete

Earth and Fire, Water, Air,
Stone and light and sea and sky
I call on you to ward my friends
Because they need you more than I
But if there still is something left
When you have done these other things
Come dwell, so welcome, in my home
And shelter me beneath your wings.

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A knight in the life of a dragon


In a cave cool and dark, sleeps a beast, with beating heart.
One eye open in search of danger,
Fully aware of the approaching stranger.
The footsteps, closer to the beast at rest.
Who dare enter the Dragon Nest?

A shimmer of light reflects off his sword.
He moves still forward with out a word.
Drawing the steel from the sheath on his side,
In a haze of darkness, he seems to glide.

The beast is now fully awake,
He raises his head at the silent break.
Who disturbes my peaceful slumber?”
What are you? And how many in number?”

Rest easy Great Beast, I mean you no harm”
I can tell by your teeth I have caused alarm.”
He lowers his staff and is taken aback.
I am one in number, no threat of attack.”

The Dragon in his magestic grace,
extends his neck and growls in his face.
Why have you come then if not for my head?”
If I thought you a threat, would you not be dead?”

I have been sent by the King of Mauldon”
It is my duty to see his will, done”
He demands proof you your death”
With this, I must bring your last breath”

Perhaps it’s your death he wishes to see”
To send one like you, to kill one like ME!”
Be gone from me O’ Knight of Mauldon”
Or you’ll not see the morrow’s sun”

Look closely Knight at the scares I wear”
I do not cringe or tremble with fear”
I’ll give you a breath, but not the last from my lung”
This breath is a warning! The final one!”

The air is charged with impending doom,
as the dragon stands and fills the room.
The Beast roars out his battle cry,
as lightning and thunder fill the sky.

The Knight determined to fill his vow,
raised his sword with a mocking bow.
With a swish of steel, and batting of wings
tis a battle, to end all things.

For one today will loose his life.
As fate would have it, so falls the Knight.

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Spiral’s Breach

Dark shades fall nearing dusk
Waters still with autumn’s musk.
Alone, lost, of place and time
True form tossed with force malign.

Now borne fool, bent and weak
Wanders fore for lands to seek.
Souls wed of World’s beast
Bones ground with leaven yeast.

Searching guides in false lands
The fool’s quest, with wrinkled hands.
Knowing only what cannot be
Empty sockets, with eyes that see.

Ending hope with passing day
The trackless night lights the way.
Tears of knowing should there be
Emerald Lady hear this plea.

Flowered serpent on dry land
Water’s mountain past the sand.
Let plumed pinions rise once more
Coiled serpent fly storm’s shore.

Oh Great Mother of gods slain
Of cruel sons with swords of pain.
Please Wise Lady let fly free
Mortal’s chains of hanging tree.

A broken dragon seeks once more
Past lives stolen, through fate, restore.
A desperate child cries a plea
Oh Bright Lady, can it be?

Alone and hurt, could hope yield,
The spiral’s breach, for lives revealed?
Of scales bright and wings strong
For playful flight and joyful song.

Kestrel (c) 2000

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Dragon’s Call

"Dragons Call"

We sleep with the dragons,
in the hidden lair.
We sing their call,
in our every prayer.

Threw our eyes,
their world is clear.
Their forgotten song,
our heart can hear.

They guide our way,
threw the darkest night.
We use their wisdom,
to give us sight.

Threw our voice,
you hear their cries.
Their fire can be seen,
deep in our eyes.

They are alive,
deep in our minds.
In us the dragon,
you can find.

Copyright Heather O’Connell (8/16/98), All rights reserved

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Looking for someone

„Looking for Someone"

I can see their fire far in distance,
Between shadows, between lights,
The night awaits for your flights,
There I’ll find that Dragon sight

I feel them; they’re looking at me,
Out from the deep, they are here, 
Red, blue, black… too many colors,
So my eyes, …. so my body, will have to follow,

I can see them in the distance,
Probably they are coming for me
Look…, look! Also you can see!
Dragons are here, they are here for thee.

*Keep looking, Dragons are not too far…*

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You hear the distant roar
so you prepare for the attack
as the roaring grows louder
the sky is getting darker
then you see the dragon
breathing out his flame
it lights the city up
those who stayed out
may just get it
the blue ice dragon roars
shaking all the windows
the dragon he breaths
and freezes everything
will this dragon ever leave?
you think as you wait and wait
the dragon sneezes
and it falls to the ground
(this dragon has allergies
which is why he sneezes a lot)
finally the dragon moves on
and you dress warmly
and go outside
you have to shovel the walk
the dragon left a foot of it
you survey the damage
you work on the damages
then you hear a roar
and wonder, is he coming again?

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A dragon’s day

"A Dragon’s Day"

Through the valley dark and cold,
over forests and castles bold,
on to mountains where dark things sleep,
to dine on a heard or flock of sheep,
then away to distant ocean shore,
past villages towns pastures and more,
to wade in crystal water of pristine ocean,
to ponder some lofty thought or peaceful notion,
and as the sun grows heavy in western sky,
a quick drink and away from the shore I fly,
away to my lair I soar through velvet skies,
as my mountain lair comes into sight,
I beat softly my wings slowing my flight,
to land gracefully on the ledge outside of my cave,
and lumber toward my hoard of which legends rave,
to sleep on a bed of jewels and riches untold,
while the light outside dies and the rock grows cold,
I lie inside on a bed of gold.

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Magi Dragons

"Magi Dragons"

Among the eldest races of dragonkind,
they are the most difficult to find.
Of the greatest skill in magic were they,
once their great power could turn night into day.
Long ago in the past this was true,
yet now in the present they are scattered and few.
Ancient forests and hills were once their home,
and from these places far and wide they would roam.
Untill one day when their magic was lost,
the pendulum had swung back and to them at great cost.
A cataclysm did not befall them rather they just faded away,
and we are left with but a few Magi dragons today.
Of those few wondrous creatures that today yet still remain,
bring us joy and from our sorrows help us refrain.
To catch a glimpse of their wondrous form so beautiful and fair,
to see their coat of tiny iridescent scales and flowing long silken hair.
To gaze into their warm and glowing eyes,
to watch them as on great wings they mount to the skies.
Their movements so graceful and poised yet their body so powerful and strong,
something that would make one wonder if in imagination was where they belong.
For this is why they are so rare and hard to find,
and they appear only to those whose imagination refuses to be confined.

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The deal

The Deal

Here me my friend don’t be afraid,
on the ground my claws are laid.
All I ask is that you’ll be my friend,
and if you do some of my power I’ll lend.
Locked away in this mystic ring I am,
hear my deal for it’s no sham.
Freedom from my prison is what I crave,
set me free and I’ll be your slave.
But not through my veins can the blood of life run,
for with a body of life must I become one.
If only again my senses can experience the wonder of life,
my power shall you have to crush all worry and strife.
A mighty dragon will you become,
as your human weakness will be undone.
Into the clouds up high you will fly,
as you spread your wings and soar into the sky.
All these things for you I can provide,
all that you have to do is let me inside.
For your body is all I need,
to become one with and finally be freed.

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Dragon sight

„Dragon Sight“

I run through the night with dragon sight, 
The darkness is as clear as light,
With the dragon I am safe from all
Things that could see me in the light.
I am running with the cloak of night.
With my dragon sight, I run through 
The fields as if I had dragon flight.
The night is leaving my time is over, 
The dragons must go home forever.
This is the sad time when we must part,
Because day things don’t like the dark.

© Dan Settelen

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Sultry and soft like the sweetest morning dew,
her smile is good and warm when she looks at you.
So perfect she seems with her heartfelt smile,
while her true motives churn within all the while.
A form so soft and fluid of motion,
to look into her eyes is to have swallowed a love potion.
Her body curvaceous and full of womanly charm,
but in the end her loving arms will only bring you harm.
The soft caress of her warm soothing touch,
for all but the strongest is far far too much.
In her loving arms she craves you so,
to make her way off to her lair with your body in tow.
With love she will lavish and tempt your soul,
to pull you in deeper so she can take you in whole.
Soon for her shall be the joy as your souls mesh.
as onto her tongue you will go as she endeavors to consume your flesh.
From her tongue and into her throat you will go,
then as a struggling lump into her belly you flow.
Now the dragoness can relax her belly full,
for none can resist the maneater’s pull.

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The dragon

The Dragon

There are many descriptions of the winged reptile,
But most confirm that they were extremely hostle,
There are tales of princesses carried far away,
And of a brave brave knight who leaves to slay,
There are stories of them flying free,
And others of a place called Hanalee,
With breath of fire and skin like a snake,
Death and poverty they would make,
But then in china it is a bit more up beat,
In this land the lizards were kind and sweet,
The gods of weather and the newest year,
Of them there was no need to fear,
The stories range from high and low,
In the beaches of Bermuda to Antarctic snow,
These beast’s stories cover the world around,
A place without them can’t be found,
But farther east just fiction fails,
The creatures are real with horrid tales,
Of killing people, the deaths not too slow,
The name of this species, the Komodo,
But these moniter lizards lack two things
, The firey breath and great big wings,
The actual specimen, truth be told,
Were giant bruts who slept on gold,
Though most see them huge and mean,
With skin of either red or green,
I see them nice, even tail waggin‘
Yet still magestic, the noble dragon.

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Dragons of autmn

Dragons of Autumn

When summer’s leaves are falling,
and dragons are old and worn.
The lulling voices of autumn are calling,
dragons from the misty early morn.
To circle over forests of red and gold,
and a sea of fallen leaves so old.
They wander ancient woods of yore,
where none but legends hath tread before.
A song they sing to morn the passing of each year,
a melancholy tune enchanting all who hear.
Slowly the hourglass doth empty,
as the ancient hands of time wind down.
Ever watchful guardians they watch the seasons change,
for the silvery frost touch where only dragons range.
As the chilling snow of winter blankets the land,
the dragons of autumn disappear and with them their song disband.

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The warm evening air hung tense,
my apprehension about this evening had begun several nights hence.
Outside all that can be heard are the heaviest of rains,
as the dragon’s presence fills the room and magic courses my veins.
Slowly I begin the chant,
in foreign tongue like some mindless rant.
Melodious words on the tip of my tongue,
to become a great creature of fiery lung.
I can feel a force rising deep within,
to fill my soul with power and keep it in.
A wave of energy encircles my soul,
while around my body the winds of change encoil.
Like a shiver up my spine it goes,
then into my mouth and throat it flows.
My skin into burnished scales is mold,
as out from my back great leathern wings unfold.
My fingers and toes become the sharpest claws,
and armored scales lacking even the smallest flaws.
A light in my soul so fiery and true,
to shed this human form and become something new.
And the time comes when the dragon that is I enters this realm,
as the ethereal barrier do I finally overwhelm.
My hopes and dreams are finally achieved,
when apprehension and worries all are relieved.
I spread my great wings to soar of in the sky,
on warm morning winds as into the sunrise I fly.
To soar across the land with the grace of a dove,
as I gaze down upon forests from the sky high above.
I glide over mountains on the back of the wind,
to float down to the sea and gaze across ocens without end.
When evening falls I make my way across moonlit night,
to join fantastic creatures in a historic flight.
The quest of my soul has finally come to pass,
as my dream of becoming a dragon has come true at last.

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