Of dragons and humankind

Of Dragons and Humankind

Dragons they seek yet they know not their name,
they search for these creatures dwelling in fire and flame.
Oh if only the dragon’s true nature they know,
rather than the seeds of myth they sow.
The legends that they search for in truth do not exist,
for the dragons of their made-up stores are but shadows in the mist.
But the truth can they never realize,
unless they in their dreams look into dragon eyes.
Many have come before and more will surely come after,
yet they shall never learn how the dragon they may master.
The dragon’s true nature it elludes them,
for it is something they can never comprehend.
They cannot know the dragon for they fear what they do not understand,
and in this truth lies their tragedy and the curse of man.
Yet there are thoes cherrished few whose mind’s and heart’s are clear,
and it is to them that in dreams the dragon shall appear.
For the dragons will know them when they see them,
among the rocks of humanity they are a clear unclouded gem.
And to them the dragons shall tell their secrets,
and they shall be enlightened above their earthly kin.
For they unlike their fellow seekers who seek power and to command,
shall one day with dragon eyes look and understand.

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