A knight in the life of a dragon


In a cave cool and dark, sleeps a beast, with beating heart.
One eye open in search of danger,
Fully aware of the approaching stranger.
The footsteps, closer to the beast at rest.
Who dare enter the Dragon Nest?

A shimmer of light reflects off his sword.
He moves still forward with out a word.
Drawing the steel from the sheath on his side,
In a haze of darkness, he seems to glide.

The beast is now fully awake,
He raises his head at the silent break.
Who disturbes my peaceful slumber?”
What are you? And how many in number?”

Rest easy Great Beast, I mean you no harm”
I can tell by your teeth I have caused alarm.”
He lowers his staff and is taken aback.
I am one in number, no threat of attack.”

The Dragon in his magestic grace,
extends his neck and growls in his face.
Why have you come then if not for my head?”
If I thought you a threat, would you not be dead?”

I have been sent by the King of Mauldon”
It is my duty to see his will, done”
He demands proof you your death”
With this, I must bring your last breath”

Perhaps it’s your death he wishes to see”
To send one like you, to kill one like ME!”
Be gone from me O’ Knight of Mauldon”
Or you’ll not see the morrow’s sun”

Look closely Knight at the scares I wear”
I do not cringe or tremble with fear”
I’ll give you a breath, but not the last from my lung”
This breath is a warning! The final one!”

The air is charged with impending doom,
as the dragon stands and fills the room.
The Beast roars out his battle cry,
as lightning and thunder fill the sky.

The Knight determined to fill his vow,
raised his sword with a mocking bow.
With a swish of steel, and batting of wings
tis a battle, to end all things.

For one today will loose his life.
As fate would have it, so falls the Knight.

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