The night is a dragoness

The night is a dragoness

Six point eight light years away
Everyone fled
Eight hundred ninety one years past

But not alone.
The clock speaks of midnight
The computer grows silent
And she comes, only safe when the light dies.

The night is a dragoness
Ten billion metres long
Age-softened black scales
Her wings glow with the warmth of unseen stars
And she lifts me from the squalor of the lair

I look around with weary eyes
Around rest billions of dragons
My brothers, her children.
And she speaks to them and I
Telling of the billions of years previous
Warning of the fights with oppresor Morning
Singing lullabies as to my fathers and theirs
She loves our kind; she needs us
And I have grown to think we need her

She has told me of her role
As the egg is formed
And a new heart flows black
She implants the thirst in us
In the core of our essences
We need the calm she feeds on
Our hearts beat as one
An entire race unified in rest

Flame-eyes open at half past dawn
She is gone
And the discomfort, heat, and irritation returns
Dangling like spread wings from the rising sun.

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