A final farewell

„A Final Farewell“
By: Janice Subido

Standing on the cliffs and looking out at the horizon-
I see you out there:
with your wings stretched out at your sides
and finally being able to fly-
just like you always wanted.

Side by side with the love of your life,
you soar through the skies and disappear from sight.
And as I watch these things happen,
tears start flowing from my eyes.
Because I realized…
the day you fly away is the day we say good bye.
One of us stays grounded while the other takes flight.

As I hold you close for one last time,
I close my eyes and remember this moment for the rest
of my life.
Even though the thought of saying good bye hurts,
I know this is what you deserve…
Your happiness is what matters most to me-
even if it means letting you go,
enabling you to be free.
Your life awaits you out there & I can’t hold you
I must let you go and try to live on my own now…

With tears still streaming down my cheeks-
I hug and kiss you for one last time.
With your gentle wings around me,
your face pressed up against mine-
I feel that safeness I once felt not so long ago;
the feeling of being loved and cared for…
And though I try to hang on, I know I must let go.

And with one final squeeze, that one last touch-
we finally say good bye.
With one swift gust, you soar through the skies
while I stand here and watch you for one last time.

And as I walk away, the last of my tears fall to the 
lonely ground…

(c) Janice Subido

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