Why is it so hard, a dragon to be?
No one listens, no one understands me.
Why am I shunned, rejected by man?
No one to guide me, to give me their hand.

People are cynical, so I have seen,
Turning away, is the normal routine.
They say I am thoughtless, nasty and rude,
Always offensive and in a bad mood.

All I have wanted, is someone to care.
Someone just like me, to listen and share.
Under the armor, and kept out of sight,
A dragon is caring, kind and polite.

Life is repressing, it crushes my soul,
Makes me resemble a shell, not a whole.
All that remains is a large empty void,
A place where feelings have all been destroyed.

Sometimes I think how I miss the clear nights,
Looking above at the shimmering lights.
Dreaming of freedom, that used to be mine;
Wondering this, „Am I one of a kind?“

Others may chuckle and give me odd stares,
Looking at me saying, „Who really cares?“
Those are the comments that cause such sharp pain,
Living together, and yet feeling slain.

Why is it so hard, a dragon to be?
Standing alone, no one talking to me.
Being an outsider, just looking in,
Waiting for someone to tell me, „Come In.“

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