Goodbye my friend

„Goodbye my friend“

Magnificent dragon flying high, 
Tell me! Why is it that you cry? 
For your covered in rubies, diamonds and gold, 
You are the reason magical tales are told. 

Graceful and dazzling you glide through the sky, 
Strong and cunning you’ll never die. 
So tell me now, please don’t lie, 
Just let me know, why do you cry? 

For why I cry is not to hear, 
It tells of a story not for young ears. 
But there comes a time when we all must die, 
That is the reason for which I cry. 

I may be covered in rubies, diamonds and gold, 
But like everyone I grow old. 
So you see I’m neither graceful, dazzling nor strong, 
I’m simply the same as everyone. 

Leave me alone up on this rock, staring out to sea, 
Up in the clouds, way up high, he’s calling me. 
For my time on this Earth has come to an end, 
I’ll think of you always, goodbye my friend. 

(c) By Claire Dixon, England.

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