Dragonhenge II The Stardragons –

Na endlich, das erste Cover zum Nachfolger von Bob Eggletons Klassiker Dragonhengedragonhenge 2 cover konnte ich bei Amazon sichten. Nach Aussage von Papertiger erscheint das Buch anfang September 2004 und kostet in etwa 30 Euro. Die Amazon Redaktion schreibt das hier:

Following the enormous success of their critically acclaimed first collaboration, Dragonhenge, artist Bob Eggleton and writer John Grant-each a multiple award-winner-have reunited to tell a tale of astonishing imagination, and chilling destiny.
The sequel sends us far into the future, when humankind and all the other sentient organic species have perished, and the Universe itself is beginning to die. Only the Stardragons, with their breath of nuclear fire and broad wings to harvest the energies of starlight, remain. They know the Universe is dying-and that once, on a particular planet, there lived dragons who constructed a great edifice that knit together all the threads of time. It is the nexus of this Universe…and the key to the Stardragons‘ survival.

Mal sehen, ob Bob noch ein paar mehr Informationen herausrückt…

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