Water Dragons

Cool salty seas wash over their realm,
deep blue waters of beauty yield to wooden ship’s helm.
From the water’s depths to the sky they gaze,
and swim it’s mirrored waves.
They dwell in the cool dark depths,
masters of all they survey.
Yet their power wanes at the surface,
when water yields up to air.
Beyond this point they hold no power,
and can only threaten and glare.
Kings and queens of their element,
the royalty of watery serpents they are.
Deep blue scales as bright as jewels,
glitter from off their backs,
as they swim across realms they rule.
Agile and graceful as their brothers of the sky,
through the clear blue ocean they fly.
In undersea castles and coral caves they dwell,
to hoard collections of treasures from ancient cultures that fell.
And rarely from the ocean waves they will rise to peak beyond the swell,
and forever in the lucky viewer’s heart, 
will the visage of the water dragon dwell.

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