The dragon

The Dragon

There are many descriptions of the winged reptile,
But most confirm that they were extremely hostle,
There are tales of princesses carried far away,
And of a brave brave knight who leaves to slay,
There are stories of them flying free,
And others of a place called Hanalee,
With breath of fire and skin like a snake,
Death and poverty they would make,
But then in china it is a bit more up beat,
In this land the lizards were kind and sweet,
The gods of weather and the newest year,
Of them there was no need to fear,
The stories range from high and low,
In the beaches of Bermuda to Antarctic snow,
These beast’s stories cover the world around,
A place without them can’t be found,
But farther east just fiction fails,
The creatures are real with horrid tales,
Of killing people, the deaths not too slow,
The name of this species, the Komodo,
But these moniter lizards lack two things
, The firey breath and great big wings,
The actual specimen, truth be told,
Were giant bruts who slept on gold,
Though most see them huge and mean,
With skin of either red or green,
I see them nice, even tail waggin‘
Yet still magestic, the noble dragon.

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