The deal

The Deal

Here me my friend don’t be afraid,
on the ground my claws are laid.
All I ask is that you’ll be my friend,
and if you do some of my power I’ll lend.
Locked away in this mystic ring I am,
hear my deal for it’s no sham.
Freedom from my prison is what I crave,
set me free and I’ll be your slave.
But not through my veins can the blood of life run,
for with a body of life must I become one.
If only again my senses can experience the wonder of life,
my power shall you have to crush all worry and strife.
A mighty dragon will you become,
as your human weakness will be undone.
Into the clouds up high you will fly,
as you spread your wings and soar into the sky.
All these things for you I can provide,
all that you have to do is let me inside.
For your body is all I need,
to become one with and finally be freed.

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