Magi Dragons

"Magi Dragons"

Among the eldest races of dragonkind,
they are the most difficult to find.
Of the greatest skill in magic were they,
once their great power could turn night into day.
Long ago in the past this was true,
yet now in the present they are scattered and few.
Ancient forests and hills were once their home,
and from these places far and wide they would roam.
Untill one day when their magic was lost,
the pendulum had swung back and to them at great cost.
A cataclysm did not befall them rather they just faded away,
and we are left with but a few Magi dragons today.
Of those few wondrous creatures that today yet still remain,
bring us joy and from our sorrows help us refrain.
To catch a glimpse of their wondrous form so beautiful and fair,
to see their coat of tiny iridescent scales and flowing long silken hair.
To gaze into their warm and glowing eyes,
to watch them as on great wings they mount to the skies.
Their movements so graceful and poised yet their body so powerful and strong,
something that would make one wonder if in imagination was where they belong.
For this is why they are so rare and hard to find,
and they appear only to those whose imagination refuses to be confined.

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