Dragons of winter

Dragons of Winter

As the first fingers of frost touch the ground,
the chilled whistle of the wind is the only sound.
Snow and ice now blanket the land,
marred only by mysterious footprints like tracks in the sand.
Silent footfalls can be heard in the misty early morn,
a shadowy chamealeon ventures out from caves where it was born.
A creature of mystery with scales the color of ice and snow,
and who’s chilling breath is colder than the strongest wind may blow.
From northern lands of ancient yore,
they browse the snow drifts and ruins for books of magic and lore.
In caves of crystal and ice they rest,
like silent sentinels they guard many a crystal nest.
These mysterious dragons of ice and snow,
though rarely seen into the pages of history they flow.
And as quietly they rise from the mist and appear,
they fade from sight into the moonless night and disappear.

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