Dragons of sumemr

Dragons of Summer

As summer’s heat penetrates earth and soil,
dragons awaken as their bodies uncoil.
A warmth of life causing myths to arise,
to take up on wings of fantasy mount to the skies.
Hot summer winds blow as dragons soar by,
belching out sulferous flame as over the low hills they fly.
The sky is blackened by many a horned back and leathern wing,
over the lands they soar while of nature they sing.
A melodious chant on the back of the wind,
spun on golden throat strings that echo without end.
Shining backs like gemstones and beacons of light,
to reflect upon mountains and hills as they pass over in flight.
Ancient legends now flock to fill the sky,
with great leathern winged myths grinning as they soar by.
As daylight passes into evening and then into beautious night,
they soar off into the sunset in a single glorious flight.

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