Dragon Tears

Dragon Tears;

I look at the world and see all that we have lost, and my heart cries out.
I see how shallow human beings have become, and my soul cries for
What have we gained, what have we learned as we increase with 
power? We have a scarred, polluted earth, hellholes of concrete, water not fit to drink and air not fit to breath.
Our science, our techonology has come at a horrible price.
I think of the noble dragons, those who have fled this wolrd in fear of extiction. They were right to flee from earth.
I wish I could have gone with them.
Man has forgotten a different time, a time when magic beings walked the earth, and the forests were pristine.
Then the Dragons soared in the skies, the unicorns roamed the forests and fairies played in the flowers.
But the foolish humans fear what they do not understand.
We can never understand creatures of magic.
We hunted the dragon and the unicorn, drove them into hiding.
The magical creatures left our world for the magic places made just for them. Some lucky people have found their way into these amgic worlds, and they understood the gift they were given.
I have read the old fairytales and legends, seeking to know these creatures.
When the warriors destroyed the dragon, they knew our world was not safe for them.
When we lost these magic beings we lost a part of ourselves.
The world will never be the same again.
We know only that Dragons and unicorns exist in fairytales, but we do not know they once walked among us. Tears fall from my eyes when I weep for the friends I have never met.
I weep for the lost Dragons.
I weep for all that we have lost because of our foolishness.
If only the knights understood what they really were.
Some dragons are good, not the ferocious beasts of legend.
Dragons haunt my dreams.
I know they are still out there somewhere, in a world far away.
The loss of earth’s magic will destroy us.
Now we our left with nothing but techonlogy and a wasted earth.
Soon humanities own arrogance, our own greed will destroy us.
I ponder these things with a heavy heart.
I know the briefness of my own life, it will be extinguished like a candle snuffed out.
This old world will slowly crumble to beath.
I pray for God to save us, save some remnant of the human soul.
Soon there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and the Dragons will live in peace, and this earth will not be destroyed.

by Lady Seraphina

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