A dragon’s day

"A Dragon’s Day"

Through the valley dark and cold,
over forests and castles bold,
on to mountains where dark things sleep,
to dine on a heard or flock of sheep,
then away to distant ocean shore,
past villages towns pastures and more,
to wade in crystal water of pristine ocean,
to ponder some lofty thought or peaceful notion,
and as the sun grows heavy in western sky,
a quick drink and away from the shore I fly,
away to my lair I soar through velvet skies,
as my mountain lair comes into sight,
I beat softly my wings slowing my flight,
to land gracefully on the ledge outside of my cave,
and lumber toward my hoard of which legends rave,
to sleep on a bed of jewels and riches untold,
while the light outside dies and the rock grows cold,
I lie inside on a bed of gold.

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