6 British Zoologists End Research On Dragon

Auszug aus einem Artikel von AllAfrika vom 18. Juli 2006

A team of six British zoologists, including a computer expert, photographer and an engineer, have ended a two-week long research on dragon (locally called ‚Ninkinanka‘) in The Gambia.

Speaking to the Daily Observer, Mr Chris Moiser, a Zoologist at the Parfell Animal Land (Zoo) Caracals, said they have also conducted research on a lizard, locally known as Armitage’s King, which was founded in 1922, by the then Governor of The Gambia, Governor Ch-Armitage (1920-1927).

According to Mr Moiser, the research had given them the opportunity to meet several people, especially in Kiang West, where "we met people whose relatives had once seen a dragon". He described various stories about the dragon as interesting, and then narrated: "At Kiang West, we were told that a ‚Ninkinanka‘ was seen about 10 to 15 years ago, with a range of 15 meters long.

"We talked to many people in the area who had grand parents, some of whom were fortunate to see ‚Ninkinanka‘, but they said they are afraid of it. It is still a belief that if a Black man sees a ‚Ninkinanka‘, he or she will die but cannot kill a White man", he said.

Chris Moiser opined that their research gathered facts, confirming the existence of ‚Ninkinanka‘ in The Gambia. "The animal is in The Gambia but we are yet to see one. We will do all our best to ensure that we get the full story of the ‚Ninkinanka‘. "Many people assured us that in areas, such as Foto Jallon Island, ‚Ninkinanka‘ could be found there. We will ensure that we are well-equipped next time we come around," he noted.

Other team members include Richard Freeman, a zoologist, Lisa Dasley, a photographer, Dr Chris Clark, an engineer, Seizi Marsh, a computer expert, and Olly Lewis, an ecologist.

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