Bob Eggleton Homepage Update 2006

Alle Jahre wieder updated Bob Eggleton einmal seine Homepage, um den Fans mitzuteilen was er eigentlich so den lieben langen Tag treibt und warum er eine Homepage nicht mal auf den aktuellen Stand bringt…2002 ist halt nicht mehr up to date 😉 Nun, gerade war es einmal wieder soweit, Eggleton hat sich an den PC begeben und einen recht ausführlichen "Blog"  Eintrag geschrieben.

Bevor ich hier aber alles einfach nur wiederkauen, lasse ich doch einfach mal seine Worte für sich sprechen …

*It’s been a long long time!


It’s been a busy time.

After four years of traveling, I am attempting to slow down a bit, which is why I didn’t go to too many conventions in 2005.

I did go to the 2005 San Diego Comic Con-International which was amazing!!(104,000 people! WHOA!)

Updates have been slow, but websites take time which is something I have not had excess of.

I have tons of new art, just no time to put it up.


*The site will be re-designed and simplified(we’re working on it).

A lot less finished work and more sketches and concept work(my favorite!!!)

I am getting a lot of illegal “tagging and tubing” hotlinks.

The result is the site crashes from bandwidth overload.

Please do not tube and tag my artwork, especially from this site.

It’s unfair to everyone.


*Killing Rumors Dept: I am NOT moving to New Zealand.

Someone started a “rumor only because I DID visit New Zealand and stopped off to see Richard Taylor and my friends at WETA Workshop in Miramar.

Nice place, but I am *not* moving there! Based on mixed info, it made it appear I was moving.


*Just finished 2&1/2 months of concept work for a new animated movie coming up that will feature a lot of “underwater things” which is about as much as I can tell you right now.


*THE ANT BULLY premieres on August 4th 2006!!

I did a bunch of concept work on that along with other great artists like Don Maitz, Fred Gambino and Barry Jackson.

It looks simply AMAZING and kudos go to the untiring and astonishing animation work of DNA Productions.

The film is directed by John A. Davis and features voices by Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts.

Here’s a sneak peek at the teaser trailer:


*The Illustrated Necroscope by Brian Lumley and me will be out from Subterranean Press in May.

This looks like a terrific book in terms of production values and will be available in several limited editions.


*Also from the same publisher will be SCREAMING SCIENCE FICTION STORIES by Brian Lumley featuring a cover and interiors by me.

And IN THE BEGINNING by Robert Silverberg will have a particularly neat “retro” cover.


Did a cover for WEIRD SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, edited by the amazing Steve Jones, and published by Fedogan & Bremer. Great book-contains Lovecraft and Lumley!!!!


*Wrote an essay for the book KING KONG IS BACK! Edited by David Brin, it’s a terrific book, from BenBella Books, available on


*Doing some cards for the game WARCRAFT.

I’ll post some concept work soon!


*Also doing two cool covers for books by A.E. Van Vogt and Cordwainer Smith coming from Baen.


If you want to buy Bob’s books, such as DRAGONHENGE and STARDRAGONS simply visit and type in “Bob Eggleton”.

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