A host of dragons

A host of dragons is tdas vierte Buch aus Alan F. Troops Fantasyreihe über die dela Sangre Drachen. Das Buch wird Anfang 2006 erscheinen, hier bereits die Inhaltsangabe:

Ever since his return from Andros Island, a little over two years before, Peter DelaSangre has struggled to overcome the rift that has opened between him and his beloved Chloe. But a strange boat anchored off their private island, a mysterious stranger at their dock on the mainland and a kidnaping attempt on their young daughter portend even more serious problems for both him and his family.

Oudere Raad Investering, a foreign corporation, makes matters worse by launching a financial assault on LaMar Associates, the DelaSangre family’s wealthy corporation. Ordinarily, Peter would use his considerable wealth and special powers to squash any such attempt but he finds himself facing opponents just as wealthy and just as powerful as he is – and much more numerous than he ever suspected.

Presented with demands he can’t satisfy, Peter has to find a way to defeat a superior force or lose everyone he loves and everything he has – including his own life.

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