The Seadragon’s Daughter

The Seadragon's DaughterThe Seadragon’s Daughter ist der dritte Teil aus Alan Troops Dragon dela Sangre Reihe. Da ich leider verpasst habe, dass das Buch bereits im Dezember 2004 erschien und erst vom Doc darauf hingewiesen werden musste (danke an dieser Stelle), hier mal eine Inhaltsangabe von Amazon.

Peter DelaSangre, dragon hero of The Dragon DelaSangre (2002) and Dragon Moon [BKL Ap 15 03], is now happily married to his beloved Chloe and the proud father of two, but his troubles aren’t far behind him. Humans are disappearing from their boats all around Peter’s island, and Peter fears suspicion will fall on him. His initial suspicion falls on his treacherous brother-in-law, Derek Blood, but that hunch is proven wrong when Lorrel, a seadragon, attacks Peter on his boat. Long thought extinct, the seadragons are looking to make a comeback, but they need male dragons to do so. Lorrel poisons Peter and forces him to accompany her to the seadragons‘ island to get the temporary antidote. Against his will, Peter accompanies Lorrel, determined to find a way to cure himself and return to his family, even if it means a bloody conflict with the seadragons. This fast-paced adventure does not disappoint; Troop’s DelaSangre series continues to impress and delight, raising the bar for inventive fantasy.

Der Vollständigkeit halber hier noch ein Link zu den beiden Vorgängern Dragon Moon und Dragon dela Sangre

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