Revelations-The Art of Max bertolini

Soeben ist Max Bertolinis erstes Artbook offiziell erschienen. Das Buch erscheint in mehreren Ausgaben, wobei wir deutschen und die Amerikaner das Buch nur in der Softcover Ausgabe erhalten werden (Bild links) und die Briten können das Buch in der Hardcover Ausgabe erstehen (Bild mitte). Das Bild rechts ist eine kleine Dreingabe, die zusammen mit dem Newsletter ankam. Wer mehr über max bertolini erfahren möchte, dem empfehle ich seine Homepage (Die momentan offline zu sein scheint)

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Revelations: The Art of Max Bertolini takes the viewer into a world of graceful warrior women, erotica, dragons, horror and far-flung alien landscapes. One of the foremost fantasy artists of Italy, the stunning work of Max Bertolini has been published all over the world. Here there are over 100 of his best works of art, many never seen before in book form. In this book, the artist takes you through the inspiration he draws on, the techniques used and how these are employed to create an image, whether digital or traditionally painted. Fantasy is an enormous universe whose roots go as far back in time as mankind itself. There are many aspects of fantasy, from erotica to superheroes and from horror and thriller to dragons and knights – all are explored here with great skill and passion.
Many of the artworks are done in a combination of traditional methods increasingly also using digital technology to achieve amazing and often breathtaking results. The resulting textures and colours are dazzling and will appeal to all fantasy art fans and general art enthusiasts alike.

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