John Howe The flaming dragon

Im aktuellen Newsletter von John Howe stellte dieser ein paar seiner neuen Werke vor, darunter auch dieses nette Drachenbild. Das hier schrieb er dazu:

The flaming dragon has more or less figured out where he goes. Things like the tail are done by staring at the paper for a while and then painting in one quick – and indelible – stroke rather like calligraphy. After that it has to be shaped and fleshed out, but with a bit of luck, that initial line is the right one. So strange there is no way to plot it out. I often find myself suddenly tracing the very violent line of some crucial curve without warning.

Unfortunately for my artistic peace of mind, a kind soul who visited Ireland sent me a dozen beautiful jpegs of the Cliffs of Moher, so I suddenly decided I should paint some in the background, which means working around the foreground elements, but who can turn one’s nose up at vertiginous cliffs, a stormy sea and Irish fog?

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