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Larry Elmore Productions hat sich etwas vielleicht doch gar nicht so unattraktives für Fans einfallen lassen.
Für einen Preis von 500$ bekommt jeder Fan alle Posterdrucke und Bücher, die Larry Elmore bis Ende 2006 herstellt. Außerdem sollen solche Fans jederzeit eine Audienz bei Larry bekommen dürfen! Schade nur, dass das Gane nach Deutschland noch teurer wird. Hier der Auszug aus dem Q&A
Q. What if we make more products then you thought?
A. Now matter how many products we make or how much the prices go up, you get everything for your one time payment?

Q. …even if the value increases to $5,000 worth of prints and books? A. Well, I doubt very seriously we will produce that much, BUT if we did you would get it all at no extra cost.

Q. When do I get my product?
A. We will ship out the product the last day of each Quarter. The entire product produced in that quarter will be shipped to you on March 31, June 30, Sept 30, and December 31.

Q. Will we get anything right now?
A. If you check out the website there are several new books and prints that are being published right now. You would get these products and all the new products that have peen published so far this year. One of the first few products you will be mailed is our new “Woman of the Woods” d20 art book and the six new lithographs coming out this August!

Q. Can I get it personalized?
A. Yes.

Q. Can I get you to personalize it to other people?
A. Yes, but we must have at least 15 days advanced notice from the shipping date.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. To reward our special customers who always buy every product we produce!

Q. So we can really stop in and visit with Larry Elmore?
A. Yes, he expects it!

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