Tarot Projekt Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law zeichnet für ein Tarot Projekt von Epilogue.net Ihr Kommentar dazu und das erste Bild kann man auf Ihrer Homepage bereits lesen:

„Filling up the Sea“
Also for the epilogue tarot project. And before you ask,
I have no idea when if ever it will be published. The
artists in the group have been attempting to see it
through but there are no results yet.

The Ten of Wands symbolizes one who is carrying an
oppressive burden but will manage to reach his goal.
Power unwisely used. Problem soon to be solved.

Perhaps the most poignant tale is that of Nu Wa, the
Emperor’s third daughter. One day she took a small
skiff to row upon the East Sea, for she loved to watch
the sunlight sparkle on the waves. She rowed farther
and farther away from home, and when one of those
sudden ocean storms blew up, her light boat overturned
and she fell overboard into the rough waters. The
poor girl drawned in grief and anger at having to
leave so soon the world she loved. She turned into
a jingwei bird.

She vowed to fill up the sea which had stolen her
life. Each day the brave little bird flew back and
forth carrying twigs and pebbles, dropping them into
the East Sea. And the waves laughed. „Aiee! Foolish
bird! Never in a hundred thousand years will you be
able to fill up the sea. Go play somewhere else.“

But the little one just flapped with more
determination, calling out over the laughter of the
waves, „I will never stop, not even in a hundred
million years. I will continue to fill you until the
end of the world!“

Her determination inspired people, and the Chinese
still say „Jingwei fills up the sea“ to describe
someone with an indomitable spirit http://www.shadowscapes.com/image/tenwandsII.shtml

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