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Larrys antwort auf die vielen Genesungswünsche im Forum:

I have been reading all these postings and emails, I just want to thank all of you wonderful people out there. You mean a lot to me, like part of my family. Sometimes I tell my wife just how luck I am to have this large family scattered out there all over the world….I really mean it when I say that I am lucky to have you guys!!!

I just want to tell you all that I am fine and „back in the saddle“ again!!

My one and only health problem is that I have a type of inherited high cholesterol and on top of that I have small arteries. The cholesterol clogs up my arteries and when one or two gets about 98% clogged, then YA KNOW IT!!! This time there was no warning. I was at the gym, lifting some weights, not overdoing it, but my main front artery must had quite a bit of blockage, and I didn’t know it. I guess while I was working out, some plaque in my arteries someplace broke loose and when it reached the blocked area then it clogged that artery up to 98-99%(great pain). My heart is strong and kept pumping away, but it was blowing up the artery like a balloon, if the artery had popped, then that would have been it!!! But friends at the gym got me to the local hospital, there, they decided that I was beyond there help so I got one of those helicopter rides(which I hardly remember)to Louisville, a larger city with some of the best cardiac hospitals in the nation. They fixed me up…put in two stints, got the blood flowin‘ and I feel great again!!!

I am back to painting and business as usual. This time around, I am going to stay as healthy as I possibly can…that is a promise.

I will probably get run over by a train tomorrow!!!

Again, thank you, thank you ALL for the wonderful words and thoughts. I will forever be grateful.

Larry Elmore

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